Modernising a Microsoft workload on a laptop

Modernise Microsoft Workloads on AWS with D55 and Unlock Innovation

What is Microsoft Workload Modernisation in AWS?

Migrating Microsoft-based applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) native and purpose-built services enables you to capture the efficiency and productivity benefits of cloud-native architecture while reducing total cost of ownership challenges that are evident when supporting and purchasing license-based operating systems and databases. AWS supports the entire spectrum of Microsoft modernisation initiatives. Whether you are running Windows, Active Directory, .NET, or SQL Server workloads on-premises or in the cloud, AWS provides programs, tools, and services to meet you where you are and accelerate your modernisation journey.

How Can Modernisation Help?

Innovation and Agility

  • Is your competition innovating and growing faster than you?
  • Are your release cycles taking weeks?
  • Is it difficult to expand into other markets?

Operational Excellence

  • Are you not as agile as you should be?
  • Are performance and scalability limited?
  • Is it hard to meet seasonal demands?


Increase in frequency of deploying new features


Reduction in time to resolve security incidents

Compliance and Security

  • Do your legacy apps not achieve compliance and/or security requirements?
  • Have you identified security vulnerabilities or worry that you might?

Reduced Costs

  • Are Windows and SQL Server licenses costly and too difficult to manage?
  • Are you locked-in to punitive licensing terms?
  • Is there a high overhead for managing your own data centre (security, admin, building management, etc)?


Increase in compute utilisation


Reduction in IT infrastructure spend

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