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At D55, we help you enact change by engineering applications that allow you to quickly respond to market and business needs. We provide a complete service for outsourced software development, freeing you to deliver your strategy and grow your business.

We love working on both greenfield projects and legacy system challenges, including:

  • Guidance on best practice cloud architecture
  • Consultancy on re-architecting legacy applications for the cloud
  • Provision of expert cloud engineers to internal teams

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D55 Experience

Our People

We’re committed to staying ahead of the curve, and we pride ourselves on knowing just about everything you’d expect from a cloud engineering team - and much more.

This means continuous improvement of our processes and upgrading of our skills, remaining at the forefront of cloud computing and Microservice architecture. For you, that means every project gets developed to the utmost standards.

With an elite team of experts with countless years of experience under our belts, we’ve got a proven track record of delivering outstanding outcomes for each of our clients.

Using our experience of migrating legacy systems, we work with internal teams on cloud transformation projects and cloud system architecture. We enhance the skills of internal teams and can supplement internal resources to build new products designed for the cloud.

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D55 Methodology

Our Methodology

We understand the different needs and complex requirements of customers who commission software. Our agile methodology uses the best in Kanban and SCRUM, a lean development process.

We build software and features on a rolling basis with a pragmatic approach to project management, because we know there’s nothing more certain than change.

Our continuous integration and delivery pipelines lend themselves to rolling release cycles. Applications are deployed and tested simultaneously so new features can be released when ready with built-in quality, and not to rigid schedules.

Our workflow is fast, flexible and oriented around the needs of your business.

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D55 Technology

Our Technology

Taking a cloud-first approach, we find the perfect tech for each and every project. We’re flexible in our approach, but take particular joy in working with Microservices, event-driven architectures, message streaming, and existing systems.

This results in a better product because we iterate on product development before engineering starts. This means better value in the long run, with:

  • Quicker result delivery
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Ease of hiring new staff
  • Substantial ROI for each project

Struggling with digital transformation? Employee skillsets? Legacy systems? We can help.

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