Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server




Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server

Break free from licensing constraints. Enabling your Microsoft applications to be transformed using AWS cloud-native services and tools is what really drives innovation, empowering you to improve development velocity and business agility, breaking down monolithic applications and unlocking business intelligence from the data in your on-premises applications.

D55 supports the full stack of Windows, NET applications, SQLServer and ActiveDirectory.

We support the entire spectrum of modernisation initiatives (7Rs). With AWS, modernisation does not have to mean complete rewrites or moving to a different programming language.

We can help you navigate the specialised programs, tools and services that AWS has designed to meet you where you are and help move you forward in your modernisation journey.



Port applications from .NET Framework to .Net Core/5/6


Refactor .NET applications from Database Integrated Monoliths to Microservices

SQL Server

Refactor SQL Server databases for OLTP to Amazon Aurora

Refactor SQL Server OLAP to Amazon Redshift/S3

Rearchitect SQL databases with NoSQL databases like DynamoDB

Active Directory

Move to AWS Managed Microsoft AD

Move workloads to use modern identity services with Amazon Cognito

Adopt new cloud-based tools to simplify identity management