Amazon API Gateway


Amazon API Gateway

D55 have a proven track record of delivering scalable, resilient and cost-effective solutions with Amazon API Gateway at their core. API Gateway allows us to create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure APIs at any scale.

We have used API Gateway to create RESTful APIs, WebSocket APIs and to support containerised and serverless workloads, as well as web applications.


Efficient API Development

With API Gateway, we can quickly iterate, test and release new versions.

We can also monitor the API through CloudWatch for latency and errors and visualise the data on a dashboard. 

Performance at Any Scale

In combination with CloudFront we can achieve the lowest possible latency on API calls. We can also perform throttling and choose between multiple authorisation options including Cognito.

Cost Savings

Costs are as low as 90 cents per million requests and at smaller scale, the first million requests are included in the AWS free tier.