Our Approach

Our Approach

D55 exists to solve business problems. We can't do this with software alone. We understand that change is hard, but we won't shy away from challenging beliefs and the status quo to find where we can collaborate to add the most value. Once we agree a strategy we have a toolbox of process and great technology that we can deploy to incrementally deliver great quality software and start solving business problems.



We are an AWS Advanced Consultancy Partner and all of our people are either already AWS certified or are currently working towards certification. AWS is a great fit for the way we like to write software. We know through experience that the only way to engineer for the cloud is by provisioning Infrastructure as code and using DevOps methodologies. AWS has numerous technologies that make this straightforward including CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CloudFormation. We are less specific about code and database technologies and pride ourselves on choosing the right tool for the job.



At D55 we believe that small high-performing teams, working to our enterprise-ready agile framework are the best way to release business value through software. Our squads are as lean as possible and use Kanban to keep a laser focus on delivering the most valuable units of functionality as soon as possible.


We also believe in continuous improvement. We didn't just achieve predictable delivery, short lead times and high performance on day 1. We learned it. Continuously. We solved our technical challenges around delivery quickly, with DevOps and CI/CD but there was something missing in our process. We engaged a consultancy to help us to measure our delivery so that we could manage the flow of our work. The changes we made married great technology with great process and we can help you do this too.



Kanban "enables incremental process improvement through repeated discovery of issues affecting process performance", but only if we're transparent about those issues. It's a core belief at D55 that the sooner we can get issues on the table, the sooner we can solve them. We believe in total transparency internally and also with our clients. If there are problems in a project, we'll tell you about them and then we'll solve them together.