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ITP Energised Case Study


ITPEnergised is a world-leading consultancy offering energy, environmental, engineering, technical advisory and renewables asset management services. Their private and public sector clients include utilities, developers, investors, funders and regulators. They have unmatched experience, providing our services to onshore and marine energy, property and urban regeneration, transport and infrastructure and corporate clients.



ITP has successfully grown and acquired other businesses, so they wanted an application that would allow them to streamline business processes across the group, provide better visibility of work in progress pipelines, enforce data quality and compliance so that the management team had accurate, up to date information and metrics on which to make decisions.

They decided that their current applications did not meet the requirement, so they commissioned D55 to build a bespoke application.



  • D55 worked with ITP to guide them through the software development process and scope out the product roadmap for the MVP feature set.
  • Working in an Agile way we delivered features quickly for feedback and iteration. Supporting them through the implementation of the software and initial data take on.
  • Since launching the product on the AWS cloud we have continued to enhance the product with new features providing even greater control of business process.



ITP have implemented the software across the group enabling them to streamline business processes. They have dashboard to view their work in progress pipelines and a suite of MI reports for decision making. In addition, we have setup a Teams channel linked to Jira so that the wider ITP team can provide feedback and suggestions for improvement that feeds into the product backlog.