About Us


In 2016 D55's directors met as part of a contract team solving complex billing problems in the Energy Industry. The team had a perfect mix of technical talent, a growth mindset, minimal ego and a collaborative and supporting dynamic. Above all they built a reputation for getting stuff done. It was clear that this high-performing team and its blend of business, technology and process was a great basis for forming a consultancy of their own.


Rhys Jacob and Jonathan Rothwell founded D55 in 2018 and quickly began collecting AWS certifications, achieving AWS partnership in 2019. Growth has been rapid and has seen D55 add dozens of highly skilled Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers, Analysts and Testers all working in our enterprise-ready Kanban framework, releasing business value for our clients through software.



Fundamentally we love solving problems and this simple premise is at the heart of everything we do. We love working with all the latest cloud-native technologies but the real value our clients recognise comes from our collaborative, relationship-led approach to consultancy. We are known for being pragmatic and transparent, and for tabling problems at the earliest opportunity before solving them together.


Our culture is every bit as important to our success as our world-class technical ability. Throughout an engagement with D55 the passion of our engineers and Agile practitioners is plain to see. We believe in our Kanban workflow and we use the data it generates to continuously improve all areas of the business.




Rhys Jacob

Rhys has spent his career building mobile and web applications in many domains including energy, finance and gambling. His background is in distributed systems having completed an MSc in System Design for Internet Applications. In recent years his career highlights include working on one of the biggest websites in the country and taking multiple startups from spreadsheet to funded enterprise applications.

Jonathan Rothwell

Jonathan is an experienced MD and IT Director. He has delivered large-scale digital transformation projects as well as lean MVP product development. With a track record of exploiting technology to create new revenue streams and improve business processes. Results-focused and action-oriented, he has a track record of delivering software systems into operational environments. A project management specialist with experience of delivering complex IT projects on time and within budget.